The best time of year to visit Grand Teton National Park:

Grand Teton National Park in Northwestern Wyoming offers visitors a wide variety of experiences, from spectacular scenery to a wide range of outdoor activities to an abundance of wild animals to observe. Grand Teton National Park is open year-round, but depending on the goals for your vacation, there may be certain times of the year that work better into your plans. Grand Teton National Park camping

If one of your wishes is to see fall foliage, of course you’ll probably want to visit the park sometime in September. While it’s hard to predict exactly when the fall colors will be at their peak every year, the second half of September is a pretty safe bet. The bright yellow leaves of the aspen trees are especially striking against the backdrop of the Teton Mountain Range.

Another impressive thing to witness in the fall season is the activities of the deer, elk and moose in the park. Their annual breeding season is a time you can hear the male elk bugle to attract females. You also have a chance of seeing male elk or moose sparring to establish their dominance. The wildlife is very active in the fall, and sometimes more aggressive. So it’s especially important to maintain a safe distance, which is 100 yards from bears and wolves, and 25 yards from other large animals.

No matter what time of the fall you visit, the park holds many wonders for all to enjoy. Learn more about Grand Teton National Park in the summertime too.