Summer Recreation and Lodging Yellowstone National Park

 A geothermal and volcanic hotspot, Yellowstone National Park offers unique recreational opportunities to visitors from around the world. Here are some of the highlights of summertime activities. Lodging Yellowstone National Park provides a fantastic jumping off point for any of these recreational pastimes.

Biking in Yellowstone is permitted on public roads and other designated routes and paths. Biking is not allowed on backcountry hiking trails.

Hiking and Backpacking on Yellowstone’s 1,100 miles of trail offers a chance for hikers of all abilities to experience the geothermal wonders of this area. If you are interested in going deeper into the backcountry, you will be rewarded with sights that are enjoyed by a few adventurous souls.

Camping in Yellowstone is available at the 12 park campgrounds. For those who want to experience backcountry camping, you can get your backcountry camping permit at a visitor center or ranger station. Backcountry camping is one of the most spectacular ways to see the natural wonders of the park that might otherwise be missed.

Horseback Riding is one of Yellowstone’s most popular activities. With rides ranging from 2 hours to multi-day backcountry trips, there are several horseback riding outfitters that are allowed to operate within the park.

lodging Yellowstone National Park

 Fishing is a major attraction at Yellowstone. The fishing season within the park is  open from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through the first Sunday of November. Fishing and boat permits are available at ranger stations and visitor centers inside the park. You can fish the deep waters of Yellowstone Lake. For backcountry fishing try Slough Creek, Grebe lake, and the Upper Falls River. Some of the beautiful places to cast your line in Yellowstone are Firehole River, Gibbon River, and Fall River.

All kinds of boating are a part of the summer activities at Yellowstone. Motorboats are allowed on Lewis Lake and Yellowstone Lake only. Kayaks and canoes are allowed on most park lakes. You can rent a canoe or sea kayak at shops in the surrounding community. Outboard and row boat rentals are available at the Bridge Bay Marina on Yellowstone Lake. There are also a number of guided boat tours, including a scenic lake cruise, guided sea kayaking, and fishing tours.

Next week we will describe some of the other opportunities for summer fun while lodging Yellowstone National Park.