My husband and I spent five nights at Lutons and it was fantastic. We didn’t spend a lot of time at our cabin, but the time we had there was so worth it. We were up and out of the cabin by 7am most mornings. It was so easy to do that because we had a spotless kitchen to whip up our breakfast in and the best part was coming back to a spotlessly clean cabin. We’d shower and warm our chili or stew and sit outside and chat with our neighbors about our day. This place made our trip. It was just beautiful and very close to Teton National park. I think it was just about 8 minutes or so to the gates of Teton, and under 35 miles to Yellowstone.
My advice to travelers is to bring your own food to cook and eat here. Skip trying to go into Jackson Hole or the marina. It’ll save you time and money and you can enjoy relaxing on the front porch of your cabin more. That’s where you’ll wanna be.