Luton’s Teton Cabins is the perfect place to stay for your Teton/Yellowstone vacation. My family and I stayed there in July 2014 and were absolutely thrilled with the location, views from our porch o the Tetons and surrounding mountains, the beautiful log cabins, the very friendly staff and the exceptional cleanliness! We even ran into the owners, Brad and Joann Luton, down at their stables where my boys were feeding their horses grass and they spent an hour just talking to us about the area and their history there and their life-long love of the mountains. You just won’t find a better place to stay in the Grand Tetons for the money! If you stay with the Lutons be sure to go 1/2 mile back toward Jackson to Buffalo Valley Rd. to the Buffalo Valley Cafe for wonderful lunches/dinners and the absolute best Huckleberry milkshake west of the Mississippi! 7/18/2014