Welcome to the season opening here at Luton’s Teton Cabins. We do have a short season here in our beautiful part of the country, but we open for your vacation starting May 10th.

May is a quiet time to come, with cooler temperatures and a lower level of crowds. That doesn’t mean, though, that there is a lack of things to do! It’s an excellent time to visit our two national parks, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Wildlife viewing is good in the spring as many of the animals have not moved to higher ground because of the heat. Bison are particularly active in the spring, and people enjoy seeing the “red dogs,” the offspring of bison, so named because of their reddish-brown color.

Elk, pronghorn, moose, and, of course, bears, both grizzlies and black, round out the more popular animals that people enjoy looking for. There is also the possibility of seeing foxes, coyotes, beavers, and our beautiful bald eagles. We have many recommendations of places for you to visit in your search, but we also highly recommend a guided safari tour by the Teton Science School. They offer several different tours of varying lengths of time, and are the oldest safari company. A bonus is that the tour fees are used to help the Teton Science School offer many wonderful programs throughout the year.

Hiking can still be enjoyed this early in the season, although the higher backcountry trails will still be snow-covered in all likelihood. There are several trails that are accessible, though, and we will help you with recommendations and guidebooks upon your arrival. A bonus is the beautiful snow-covered mountains!

There’s always plenty to do in the town of Jackson. The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in Moose is an excellent stop to get an overview of Grand Teton National Park. The National Museum of Wildlife Art is always open and a great place to view beautiful artwork, as well as grab a tasty lunch at their café. If art is your interest, there is a multitude of galleries to explore in Jackson as well. Not to be missed is the Mangelsen Gallery with stunning wildlife photographs. May 18-20 is the annual Elkfest, with the highlight activity being the world-famous Boy Scout auction of the elk antlers that have been collected off of the National Elk Refuge. The Mountain Man and Traders Row opens at the Fairgrounds on the 18th, and there is also walking tours of the historic downtown area that weekend. Memorial Day weekend brings Old West Days Parade, the Rodeo opens for the season, and Jackson Hole Shootout on Town Square opens for the season.

Not to be left out, the south entrance to Yellowstone opens in early May, and it’s also an excellent time for wildlife viewing in our nation’s first national park. If you’re craving some snow, there’s also a very good possibility of still seeing plenty of it!

We would love to have you stay with us and enjoy the quieter, off-season here in our beautiful area. Hopefully, your appetite is whetted by this brief description of the activities that can be enjoyed here. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you with recommendations to ensure that you have the most wonderful vacation.